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Computer Repair City offers a free remote diagnosis! To recieve your remote diagnosis simply call 1-800-723-5945 and a friendly, knowledgable technician will walk you through the steps. The free diagnosis is provided using remote assistance technology online. To use this service your computer must have a working internet connection. If your connection is currently down, an in-home service package may be needed. Our remote assistance service allows a technician to view your computer screen and control your mouse. This software automatically removes itself after the session is complete!

Remote assistance can also be used to remove viruses, spyware, uninstall unneccessary programs, recover data, and provide online training.

We have very flexible hours and will adjust an appointment time to fit your needs. Just set a time for a remote assistance appointment and we'll log you in!

Give us a call for more information about how we can provide you and your business A+ certified computer support at 1/2 the price of "The Geeks!"
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