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Standard Data Recovery (Non-Physically Damage Drives)

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This service is for in-home data recovery on a non-physically damaged drives. This means that upon testing the drive there are no "bad sectors" found on the disk. Using our proprietary software tools, an A+ certified techs will come to your home and recover all data lost on the drive due to accidental deletion, corrupted partitions, or any other issues related to loss of data. *If bad sectors are found, the drive may need to be sent to our data recovery clean room service, where the drive would be taken apart in a dust-free environment and data would be extracted from the drive. This service would dramatically increase the price of the data recovery if it is needed. (see below)



Advanced Data Recovery Clean Room (Physically Damaged Drives)

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With this service, your drive will be sent to our dust-free clean room facility. All the data will be extracted from the drive and burned to dvds. If data is non-recoverable we will not charge you for this service and you will be refunded in full. This is the last resort for companies with sensitive data that had been lost due to bad sectors, bad drive heads, or power failure on their hard drive. We offer competitive rates on our clean room data recovery service and are roughly 1/2 price of the competition! Call to obtain a trouble ticket 1-800-723-5945

Additional Information
It is a good idea to find a means of backing up your data on a regular basis. Portable USB Flash drives, and hard drives are very useful for this purpose.
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